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A LOVE STORY: Tale was born sailing the seas of West Papua, founded by Herbie & Sam - a Brazilian and British couple - both jewelers who breathe the true essence of craftsmanship. In our studio, nestled in south Brazil, we forge stories into each creation. You can also find us feeding the horses with our daughter Zē, jumping in waterfalls and riding waves in our backyards.

CRAFTSMANSHIP: We invite you to feel the heart of our atelier. Letting our hands be guided by an intimate understanding of form and function, we shape every piece. Hours upon hours meticulously spent carving, firing, hammering, cutting, filing, setting, polishing. Here, timeless traditions seamlessly meld with contemporary sensibilities - significant emotions find their way into the material world through our jewellery.

LIMITED PRODUCTION: We craft only a limited number of each piece to reduce waste and avoid excess stock. This way, we can focus on making each jewellery really well and be more efficient while being kind to the planet.

RECYCLED MATERIALS: Our jewellery is made from recycled silver, and the wax used in the creation process is utilized and recycled until the very last sprinkle. We ship our pieces in eco-friendly packaging, including linen pouches that can be repurposed as a case for your convenience.

AN INVITATION TO EXPLORE: As a wearer of Tale Thoughts, you become an active participant, navigating the curved path of our memories and experiences. The jewellery is now a vessel, carrying our art in it’s most genuine expression. Each piece is an invitation to appreciate the beauty of imperfection.